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Referenz: Volkswagen AG

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Kunde: Volkswagen AG

Projekt: Digital Powerhouse & Die Autosuche., Volkswagen Vertrieb Deutschland
Rolle: Senior Digital Strategist & Project Management lead (freelance)

ServicebereichBeratung & Projektmanagement

2014-2015, Berlin & Wolfsburg

“I had the pleasure to have Lilian in my Digital Marketing Team throughout the last 12 months, managing “Die Autosuche.” from the creative side - a very innovative project , which was successfully launched for smartphones, tablets and desktop. Also she was responsible as lead digital strategist to develop several digital strategy papers (e.g. for mobile and social media) with the according stakeholders included. She did an excellent job in the ideation, positioning, creation, management and execution. Highly convincing and professional strategy papers were produced with concrete, hands-on measures, that are now already being taken. Lilian is a digital expert with a motivating get-it-done mentality, she is passionate about everything she does and a major asset to any team. She is reliable, has a very friendly personality and is great to work with. I’d recommend her any time.“
(by Axel Neuhaus – Head of Digital Marketing, Volkswagen Vertrieb Deutschland)