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Referenz: Razorfish GmbH

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Kunde: Razorfish GmbH

Projekt: AUDI AG – Website / Brand Portal Management

Rolle: Projektleitung / Senior Account Management Audi.de und Konfigurator

Servicebereich: Beratung & Projektmanagement

Sep 2011 – Juli 2013, Berlin

“I had the great pleasure to work with Lilian as part of my team for the recently relaunched modell pages on Audi.de. She was the lead Account Manager on the project and did an awesome job with a highly complex project that took over two years, with a large number different agencies, a ton of sub-projects and Jira tickets. She always managed to inspire the team and the client and lead the project steady over the finish line. Congratulations, thank you and great job.” (Nils Hocke, Account Director bei der Razorfish GmbH)

Projekt: o2 Telefonica -  Website Relaunch

Rolle: Projektleitung / Senior Account Management Relaunch o2online.de

Servicebereich: Beratung & Projektmanagement

Jul-Sep/2011, Berlin und München

“I had the pleasure to have Lilian on my team in the role of the responsible senior account manager for the relaunch of an international MNO e-commerce portal in 2011. Delivery on time, client happy, great time at the Oktoberfest celebrating the all new and state-of-the-art portal achievement. Who could ask for more? Moreover Lilian is a black-belt-expert in all-things-mobile – and great singer, too.” (Anthony Wottrich, zuvor Account Director bei der Razorfish GmbH, aktuell Client Service Director bei  VCCP)